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from the beehive

About us


On our organic beehive farms in the Valamara Mountain, we work the land responsibly, mindfully, with intelligence and with a conscience. We hold ourselves accountable for our ethical and environmental standards and welcome the opportunity to show you what we do.


Naturally Good Honey

Organic Honey

Our Honey is completely different than typical grocery store honey. There is simply no comparison in taste, quality, or in the nutritional integrity.

Raw Honey

We don’t cook our honey at high temperatures. High heat just kills all the good stuff that makes honey so amazing. Instead, we gently warm the raw honey so we can handle it, you know, so it can be poured, lightly strained and bottled.

Organic Treatment

Unlike grocery honey who is blended or adulterated with high fructose corn syrup, or comes from an unknown and unregulated international origin our Honey comes only from our Bee hive located in Valamara.


The honey we get is straight from the hive. So naturally, there will be some bee parts and chunks of pollen and wax floating around. So we strain it. Straining, not filtering, lets all the good stuff through, but keeps the bigger stuff out.

“Hand-harvested from hives in Valamara, the hives are located deep in dedicated organic zones, ensuring that the bees only forage on natural wildflowers, far from exposure to GMOs or other pollutants. ”


“The business is about linking our lifestyle with a healthy future. We exist the way we do because there is a rapidly growing number of people who share our views and want to engage with our product, it’s a cycle that connects ecology, people and a sustainable way of living.”

Kate Denay / Ferme Owner
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